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Jabuticabas needed a makeover and we threw in a name change for good measure. UserClouds is a new kind of web traffic analytics service offering actionable intelligence. Existing Jabuticabas accounts have been converted to private beta accounts at UserClouds and we'll open for public beta in the Fall of 2008. Please come join us on as we build an indispensable service for online marketing.

What is Jabuticabas?

Jabuticabas is the low-hanging fruit in your online sales & marketing efforts...

It's the difference between your current conversion rate and the optimized conversion rate you will enjoy with our service.

It's based on a simple each prospect to your most appropriate landing page based on his or her demographic characteristics. 

It's easy. Just signup for a free account and begin intelligently matching your prospects to your landing pages in minutes.

Your conversion rates will grow when you begin delivering the right message to the right person...

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